Yesterday, 4th of February 2014, at the honorable presence of the Israeli President Shimon Peres and the Minister of Economy Naftali Bennet, Adin Dental Implant Systems had won the prestigious ‘Best Exporter Award’. By that, Adin became the first Israeli Implant Company to ever win this award, due to its outstanding growth and performance, and due to its pioneering high-end technology and its significant contribute to the global common good.

Adin, now operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, had managed to become an influential player in the global implant market in a relatively short period of time, by offering products which combine the best quality and the best service with affordable price for any dentist around the world.
By this, Adin presents the best value for money, which cannot be matched by any other brand.

Adin sees its global partners and users as the major factors for its success, would like to thank them all and would like to encourage more users to join us and by this improve their quality of life, as well as their patients.

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